Welcome to the official website of our Australian Association of the Chin
Welcome to Australia Chin Lien Chinese Association

Qin Lian Association in Australia are located in Sydney, Australia, a non-profit charity, whose purpose is to unite the neighbourhood services folks, caring community, and benefit the people.

Since its inception in 1993, Australia Chin Lian Association and hosted charity very much, has achieved remarkable results. Under the temple/Fu Shan Tang, term for the folks of the temple and visited the community offers free 齋 Board, held a birthday party for the elderly and other activities on a regular basis. Meeting place in Canley Vale Temple is one of Sydney's most popular temples, Japanese arrivals often thousands.

Qin Lian Association Web page will care for the Association's members, folks and the community to provide more accessible information and food for thought. Online there will be occasional updates, including Association news, announcements, pictures, home developments, and so on. Web page will have a membership application form and Fu Shan Hall application forms can be downloaded using and need friends to help find loved ones, for the contributions of friends can find the Guide on the Internet.

For those who prefer to read English or can’t read Chinese, the English version of our website is available by clicking the “English” button on the top right hand corner.