Lian associations are from China, Australia Chin in Guangxi qinzhou, Fangcheng, Guangxi Province, Hepu, Ling Shan village was set up in 1993 with four, the purpose is to unite the neighbourhood services folks, a caring community for the benefit of people.

1995 purchases the site, Guan Yin Temple, constructed in 1998, and in 2006 a new clubhouse was completed. Basic activities of the Association of singing and dance classes, Tai Chi, Shaolin martial arts classes, travel and holiday party on a regular basis, of the temple, for folks and the community to provide long-term free vegetarian meals, held a birthday party for the elderly on a regular basis, set up Fu Shan Tang, provide hospice care for the elderly, Fu Shan mutual aid payment established for senior citizens to solve financial difficulties was born. And the purchase of cemetery 100, folks; member of Guan Yin as well as widows and people offering free graves, cemetery attended by Mayor NICKLALICH also made a special trip testimony. Build Thanksgiving together, for progeny venerate ancestors parents, as well as spring and Autumn Festival, and to their ancestors, the proverb says.

Association of community spare no effort to have fundraising aid various disasters such as the 1998 devastating floods in China, earthquake in Taiwan in 1999, in 2000, the Australian State of new South Wales fires, 2000 China snow disaster and Wenchuan earthquake of 2008 shocked the world, and so on. In 2006, will join West Sydney Chinese group raised more than 100,000 yuan, construction of a welfare contributions, fangchenggang city, Guangxi, China, elderly folks, the institution opened in 2009. 88 flood occurred in Taiwan, this will be in addition to the self-financing charity, also combined with Sydney and overseas Chinese groups to raise funds, has raised more than 200,000 to truly serve in disaster afflicted countrymen send sincere care. And 2010 's "trip to Guangxi's light" fundraising, donor drought in Guangxi and Qinghai earthquake relief donations, totaling a $140,000, all sorts of good works, the list goes on.

Student education, is the long-term goal, apart from setting up an annual logistics Awards, beginning in 2012, start a poverty reduction scheme, Guangxi, hometown and Vietnamese learning Chinese poor students by providing a $100 per person per year for breakfast and books, places the tentative 300 people, the quota increases in the future.

This communication with the home, never stopping, reception from folks back home to visit for a long time or to settle in Australia, or for academic exchanges, and this resource could make would be service. Work closely with home so as to make a small contribution, is a glory of our folks wandering outside. In 2008, this Council held the first World Congress of Chin Lim folks Ken friendship, reception from home for the first time Wei Qian headed by the Deputy Director of the overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the local government official big congratulations, that year, this Council is more closely related to home until last year, led by Mo Xiaolin, Secretary of business visit, And further strengthen co-operation and liaison between the two places. Many times, this will also group home study 2009 also attended a seminar of Heads of overseas missions, Nanning city, Guangxi, in 2010, the hometown for cataract surgery for the visually impaired and spray off the poor folks in red envelopes "Guangxi's line of light", and Australia folks home poor folks friendship far more tightly.

The other hand, this will work closely with local Chinese groups and mainstream communities to establish friendly relations, to participate in meaningful activities, build a harmonious society.