Beihai: The domestic largest catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization plant official commercial operation

Implementing "Ecological state-City" strategy to promote green and healthy development of petrochemical industry

China Petrochemical Beihai Refining Co., Ltd. 1.5 million tons/year s-zorb catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization device yesterday officially put into commercial operation, which marks the North Sea refining in the structural adjustment and product quality upgrading has made a new breakthrough, further enhance the company's operating performance and market competitiveness. On the morning of October 17, Wang Naico, the party secretary and director of the city NPCSC, attended the ceremony and announced the formal commercial operation of the installation.

S-zorb catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization device project is a key project in Beihai City and a key project in the development planning of Beihai Refining "Thirteen-Five". The total investment of 263 million yuan, the start of June 22 last year, September 20, the establishment of diplomatic relations, this year, August 6 completed in China, October 8 installation of a successful driving. The device has two major characteristics: first, the technology is advanced, the use of Sinopec proprietary technology--s-zorb gasoline adsorption desulfurization technology, compared with the traditional hydrodesulfurization technology, has the advantages of low energy consumption, small octane loss, low processing costs and so on. Second, the desulfurization capacity is large, the device is the current domestic desulfurization capacity of the largest device. After the formal commercial operation of the device, it can not only stabilize the upgrade of the refined oil from the national V to the National VI standard, but also effectively reduce the cost of quality upgrade, and at the same time lay a foundation for further improving the production load in the future.

Wang Naico in the workshop to understand the operation of enterprises, check the safe production of petrochemical equipment.

Municipal Committee Standing Committee, China Petrochemical Beihai Refining Company executive director, party secretary Zhang Zhong and said at the operation ceremony, in the process of project construction, the company in strict accordance with the overall integrated control plan, around the overall goal of engineering construction, strict implementation of quality, progress, HSE, cost, contract "five control", adhere to the "quality-oriented, safety first" policy , sincere unity, meticulous organization, close cooperation, to achieve the relentless grasp of safety, unswerving grasp of quality, unswervingly grasp the progress, and make every effort to S-zorb project projects into the North Sea refining safety engineering, quality engineering, efficiency engineering, clean engineering. He said that the S-zorb device into commercial operation, is another starting point in the process of high-quality development of the North Sea Refining, the North Sea refining Structure adjustment project, which has invested nearly 1 billion yuan, has been approved by Sinopec headquarters, is fully advancing, and as always, for the North Sea Refining high-quality development to create the best business environment.

Deputy Mayor Chen Xun said that the petrochemical industry is one of the three leading industries that our city has focused on building, and Beihai Refining Company, as a leading enterprise in the North Sea petrochemical industry, has truly played the central role, backbone and leading role of industrial development, and made significant contributions to the economic development of the North Sea. The project of catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization plant is officially put into operation, which is an important achievement for us to implement the strategy of "ecological city" and build "to the sea economy", and plays an important role in improving product quality and efficiency and promoting the green and healthy development of petrochemical industry.

It is understood that 1.5 million tons/year s-zorb catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization device after adsorption desulfurization of gasoline sulfur content is not greater than 10mg/kg, far lower than the National IV standard, and can further meet the National v emission standards of sulfur content requirements (sulfur content is not greater than 10mg/kg). In the increasingly stringent environmental requirements of the situation, s-zorb catalytic gasoline adsorption desulfurization device put into operation, not only can improve the quality of the company's gasoline products, but also can make gasoline products in the use of the process to reduce sulfur dioxide emissions.